Thursday, November 12, 2009

Going to Stockdale P.S.

Hello to Mrs. Corbett and all my former students (and those I haven't taught) at Stockdale P.S. I'm looking forward to my visit on Wednesday, November 17th in the afternoon. Stockdale is where many of my former students gave good feedback and editing ideas while Leaving Fletchville and Canadian Disasters (2006) was being written. Also my first-ever school 'book launch' (for Leaving Fletchville) was done in the library, thanks to Mrs. Corbett (I'll post some pictures of that). I am going to do a reading of a story I am working on. I've been trying to get this story right for over five years and I'm getting closer to the end. At first it was boring and too descriptive and only really keen readers would bother with it. I'm hoping that it will have a broader appeal now.

After reading a few pages via the smartboard I will ask a few questions... just like a teacher to give a test!

See you soon. Rene Schmidt.

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