Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Novel I'm Working on...

Years ago I worked in a nickel mine and I thought the dark, damp, cold, (sometimes very warm) drafty and creepy atmosphere would be excellent for a murder-mystery story. I've been trying to write that story ever since. I started working on it (again) in October and I'm hoping I get it right this time... Adrian (Boots) Boutet is a hockey star. One day Adrian's father goes to work in the mine, by himself, and doesn't come back to surface at the end of the shift. There is a search but no sign is found of the miner. Adrian decides, based on a recurring dream, that he must search for his father in the mine. His on-again off-again girlfriend, Kayla, insists on going with him. Together they enter the mine during the 'graveyard shift' and they get separated when... (Oh, I'd better not give too much away!) Anyway, if I get it written in another few months, and if it gets accepted by a publisher, it may be published in a year or two... so there are a lot of 'ifs' involved.

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