Monday, November 16, 2009

Canadian Disasters, First edition, 1985

My first published book was Canadian Disasters, which came out in 1985. It outsold all of Scholstic Canada's non-fiction titles in 1986 (76 000 copies) and was re-printed several times in years after.
For me it was cool to see it in libraries and schools all over Canada. Kids learned about Canada's own forgotten disasters like the Lake Huron Storm of 1913, which destroyed more than 30 large freight ships and sunk eight 'with all hands'. We've never had another storm nearly that bad. We've had a city blow up because of an explosion as big as a nuclear bomb. We've had a huge bridge collapse during construction, twice over, in Quebec City; a bridge which was so poorly designed it should never have been built. Engineers wear a steel ring to remind them of the trouble they can cause if they mess up their math. This is a photo after the first collapse of the bridge.

This photo is of a mountain that slid down onto a small Alberta town and buried half the townsfolk.

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