Monday, October 26, 2009

Leaving Fletchville a Red Maple Nominee

I've just seen that my novel, Leaving Fletchville, has been made a Red Maple Nominee by the Forest of Reading program offered by the O.L.A. (Ontario Librarians Association). Wow!
My friend and librarian Kathryn Corbett at Stockdale P.S. (near Trenton) is a huge fan of the Forest of Reading and she made sure all the kids and staff at Stockdale knew about it. This means more students will hear about it and maybe read it and find out why Brandon and Leon act the way they do... (So why do they act that way?)
And why Leon is trying so hard to keep people from noticing him - to the point of letting Ricky bully him...

Is this Kingsville School like your school?
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