Saturday, October 24, 2009

A research Project

I had a great time interviewing Rev Kevin Fast of Cobourg. Rev. Fast was the guy who pulled a C-17 Globemaster jet for 8.8 metres at Trenton Airbase last month. The article is for a newspaper probably nobody in this part of Ontario would ever read, so I'll post it here...

Lutheran Pastor Sets World Record

On September 17th 2009, strongman Rev. Dr. Kevin Fast of Cobourg achieved his ninth Guinness World Record. Outside a hangar at CFB Trenton he pulled a C-17 Globemaster, one of the largest aircraft on the planet, a distance of 8.8 metres.

On hand to witness the pull of 188 694 Kg was an official of Guinness World Records. It took almost 40 seconds of agonizing effort just to begin to move the giant jet and about 30 more brutal seconds to pull it 8.8 metres. “I had to be checked out by a doctor before I did it. They wouldn’t let me attempt it otherwise,” he says.

Since age twelve Kevin Fast has attempted tests of strength, beginning with weightlifting and eventually competitions in the ‘Heavy Events’ at Highland Games. His father and grandfather were also known for feats of strength. Fast loves every new challenge. In 1998 his first Guinness record was for pulling a 16 tonne truck 100 feet. By 2007 his record increased to pulling 63 tonnes of truck.

Rev. Fast, who is 46, admits, “I may soon be too old to do this type of thing.” However, when asked what he would like to try next, he muses, “It would be great to tow a train. I asked the VIA rail people but they refused permission. I’d really like to pull a large freight ship…” The glint in his eye suggests that a few more world records can be expected.

At Highland Games in North America and Europe Fast wears the traditional blue and grey kilt of the clergy and serves as “Pastor to the Masters.” He delivers benedictions, blessings, and an impressive caber toss. “There never has been a Highland Games where I wasn’t asked some question of theology, or asked to pray for a situation or talk to a troubled person,” he says.

“I don’t mention my world records at church. That would be falling into pride. I will answer when people ask me about it, but that’s about it.” However, when he does a presentation with troubled youth, he says, “I usually begin with showing a video of one of my pulls. All of a sudden the room is totally quiet. When I begin my message they’re all listening.”

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