Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What A Nice Town

I was looking for a car to rent for some of the time I am staying here. No cars. National said 'Nada'. Enterprise (We pick you up!) had nothing to pick me up in. Call back Friday, I was told.
None of the other rental places had anything for me.
I was doing a lot of walking. Walking is okay for a while, but I have a lot to see & do.
(When I first came to Thompson as a teenager, I was coming from Toronto and I found Thompson small. I could walk around it in an afternoon. Now I am coming from a very small town. I find Thompson to be pretty large - it takes a whole afternoon to walk around it! - Is this relativity?)
How about if I take a taxi for the long trips? The short ride from the train station cost $12. No thanks, Mr. cab driver.
How about a bicycle? It would be just the right vehicle; I could go slow, see stuff, and still get around. I could get a bicycle at Canadian Tire for a good deal less than the week's rent of a car... but then I have to sell it when I leave, or ask someone else to sell it... a hassle

Maybe I could buy a used one...

I am told about a few used-goods places. No used bicycles. I looked at the posted ads in stores; Lots of snow mobiles and ATV's. No bikes.
Kirstie my hostess tells me about the swap & shop time at the CHTM radio station which is right next door to my B&B. (see the picture)
Maybe somebody had a bicycle for sale. Lydia at the CHTM reception took the information and I also met A.J., the new disk jockey from Winnipeg.
They post the ad and also are willing to do a plug for my book-signing tomorrow and Saturday.
Went for a swim at the excellent Norplex Pool. I took another walking tour around the west and north end of town but didn't get to the millenium trail yet (too far).

When I got back Keith Belton was unloading a bright yellow 21 speed bicycle. "I heard the ad on the radio," he said, "and I know what it's like to be stuck in a town for a week with no way of getting around, he said. It's free. Just leave it at the B&B when you are done."

Thank you Keith! What a helpful town this is!

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