Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bicycling around Thompson

Today, Thursday June 23, was a great day for exploring. I woke at about 5:30 - it was quite light out - and went for a ride on the 'Yellow Peril'. Except for ravens and crows and two young teenage boys who told me, "We've been up all night", there was no life on the streets. Time for a few photographs of the sleeping town. There are lots of churches in town, and an equal number of bars. Buildings are made with smaller windows than we are used to in Southern Ontario, attesting to the extreme cold and also the fact that many buildings are broken into by the homeless. As far as cold is concerned, I can remember when I was here thirty years ago that -50 degree days were not unknown in winter months. The teachers at Westwood Elementary told that this year, unusually, had only a few -40 degree days which would be celebrated with indoor recess.

Always remember to watch where your shadow is when you take photos...

I rode to the one end of town where an excellent painting , a copy of an original by Robert Bateman, graces an apartment building. The side of the building, uncluttered by windows or anyhting else to spoil the canvas, is a natural place for a large painting. Thompson is full of new artwork like this mural. There are numerous wolf sculptures here too.

There are some new houses going up made with ICF block, the same type of house Shirley & I would like to build some day...

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