Monday, June 21, 2010

The Long Ride

I'm on my way to northern Manitoba. I am working on three different stories and two of them involve mining or train travel. The third story is one I can write just about anywhere.

The day started at 3:30 AM when I woke and got Dan and Shirley up to drive me to the airport. The drive to Toronto went smoothly, and the flight left at 8:00 as they promised, and landed in Winnipeg on time at 9:30 (Central Time). I saw 'Invictus' on the tiny screen in front of me and although I didn't finish watching it I was so moved by what I saw I had tears in my eyes. Likewise I noticed the lady sitting beside me, constantly wiping tears away, watching a different movie, so I wasn't embarrassed by my streaming eyes. 'Moving movies' I thought to myself. Later I noticed her using eye-drops because her contacts were giving her trouble. She said her movie was pretty stupid. so much for moving movies! The bus ride was also easy and timely, getting me to Union Station Winnipeg with plenty of time for lunch before the train ride.
Here is a shot of me near Portage & Main waiting to transfer to another bus.

Right near the train station was a place called The Market, which was also a neat little market Shirley & I ate at several years ago while at the Winnipeg Heritage Festival. The Forks of Winnipeg are right behind the tyrain station as it turns out. Anyway the train was late leaving Winnipeg, arrived in Portage la Prarie late, was also slow coming into Canora, behind schedule coming into The Pas and pulled in en retard in Wabowden. Travelling at a snail's pace for some miles didn't hurry things along so we arrived in Thompson late too. Still, I got some great ideas for the stories I'm working on and I'm getting more comfortable with the laptop. More about writing later. I've taken a lot of shots from the train window. There has been lots of flooding in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and the evidence was very clear. This photo is basically a lake which last year was green fields beside a small river.

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