Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stockdale School is a Great Place!

Today I stopped briefly at Stockdale School to see how things are going in my old place of work. It felt like old times. Within minutes I was asked how many bags of field stripe we would need for the typical Track & Field lines (25 bags are good) and the coffee pot had been drained and not refilled. How suddenly needed I felt!
Mrs Kathryn Corbett got (because I asked her to) all the students from the Red Maple group into the library for a photo-op. I was pleased to see such a fine bunch of smiling kids, all of whom were former students (except Halley). All these students will be the friendly & familiar faces at Harbourfront on May 12th for the big Forest of Trees Festivities. Mrs. Corbett & crew will set out at 6:30 AM (!) to be there on time. That is dedication!
Thanks to Megan, Taylor, Maddy, Kaeli (great shirt), Kaitlyn, Vicky & Anna, Donnie (ooo-be-doo) Wallace, Dierdre (nice hair!), Brooke & Tristan, Jessie, Mac, Mike, Melissa (no-longer-the-tallest), Conner, Jake, and William. It is so good to see some of you boys reading as much as you do to qualify for this trip. Good to see all of you again.

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