Friday, May 7, 2010

Kudos to KPR and Frankford P.S.

(Upper Left) A volunteer tries on mining equipment on Thursday at Frankford. He was the same age as many boys who died in the Springhill mine disaster of 1891
(Lower Right) Frank Edwards and I sign books at Galaxy Cinema in Peterborough on Tuesday.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to do a presentation in a movie theatre? I found out! At the request of Shelley Merton of the Kawartha Pine Ridge Board I joined Frank Edwards (a very successful author) at the Galaxy Cinemas in Peterborough on Tuesday May 4th and the next day we presented at Lydia Trull P.S. in Courtice. Frank and I appeared in a decent 3-D format, apparently, even without 3-D glasses. Dozens of schools participated and sent students who have been part of the Red Maple contest. Both locations were excellent for doing a talk and the students came with good questions and a friendly attitude. There are many youth who are considering writing as a profession, even after I told how little $ authors actually get for the hours put in.
I was especially impressed by Ashley, who, although being mostly blind, is a dedicated reader. She uses a laptop computer on large display and by sitting close can read quite well. Red Maple clubs and programs at various schools contributed a well-behaved and talented selection of students. Some of the students even got their faces signed. (Sorry about the dotted i's - that might have hurt)
On Thursday May 6th I visited Frankford P.S. and had a great time with the combined Grade 7 & 8 classes. With a longer presentation I was able to talk about Canadian Disasters as well as Leaving Fletchville. They also asked excellent questions and many stayed to talk and ask about buying books. Many thanks to Pauline Andrews for arranging this.

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