Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Teaser

Here is a teaser for you!

Here is another teaser.... (I am finally getting around to re-writing a story I began working on over 30 years ago...) Here's a bit from the first page...

Dan walked slowly down the street with an anatomy book in one hand and an apple in the other. He bit into the apple and slowly chewed as his eyes studied the page on; The Muscular System – flexor digitorum profundus. He whispered the words slowly to himself “flex-or didgit-o-rum pro-fun-dus” - the muscle that flexed his fingers, or digits. Dan flexed his digits. “They work,” he observed. He flexed them one at a time while staring at them and slowly chewing his apple. Each digit flexed when he wanted them to. Next he tried his extensor digitorum muscles to stretch them out again.
“Wow!” Dan stuck the apple in his mouth, wrapped his left hand around his right wrist and felt the muscles move underneath the skin. “Cool.”
“Look at this weirdo,” observed a voice from just behind him.
“Playing with his fingers,” added another voice. “Ain’t cha got any toys to play with?”
Dan turned to face the voices. A hand swiftly extended and digits one through five flexed and grabbed the apple from Dan’s mouth. With a flick of a carpal joint the apple was suddenly flying into a nearby garden.
“Compost,” declared Axel, the biggest of bad boys in Grade six.
“How green you are,” agreed Wolfgang, giving Axel a high-five. He was the second biggest of the bad boys.
“That was my apple!” complained Dan.
The boys didn’t even bother to answer, walking on past Dan and ignoring him completely. Axel jumped up and slapped a school crossing sign as he walked underneath it and Wolfgang slapped the same place a little bit harder. The sign made a funny sound, like a fake thunderstorm in a cheap movie.
Dan was sure those two boys were leftovers from the stone-age. Yes! a couple of Cro-Magnon types who were probably thawed from an ice sheet and sent to Pleasant Valley Maple Ridge Garden Public School as a social experiment. Some day, when Dan was a famous surgeon, he could get his revenge. Maybe during an operation he would sew their hands on backwards. ‘Let’s see them button their shirts then!’ Dan smiled at the thought of vengeance.
This is story number three which I am working on. In it a boy named Dan finds a magic watch which can change how time goes. He can slow down time, speed it up or stop it altogether. I wrote it as a kid's book many years ago and now I'm changing it, making it longer and better (I hope).
Meanwhile it is getting frustrating because I am waiting for publishers to get back with a decision on two other books I sent to them. If they like it, there will be re-writes. If they don't like it I can cross their names off the list and move on.

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