Saturday, January 23, 2010

Greetings From the Pacific

We are now somewhere about 800 nautical miles SW of San Diego, sailing toward Hawaii. We've just had three days of really rough seas and lots of people were quite sick (even the crew!) I call it all 'research' for some new story down the road. There are certainly lots of sensory experiences that go along with your ship pitching and rolling like the town drunk. We almost didn't make the ship on time; our airbus was trying to land at San Diego through a storm, and just a few hundred feet over the runway the pilot detected serious wind-shear so he diverted to Las Angeles and we landed there. From there we had to take a bus to San Diego, at a remarkable speed, to catch the ship on time. It's all been very entertaining. I am finishing a proof-read on the mining novel. My son Adrian read it, liked it, but also suggested some changes. Fine. It is great to proof-read on a ship.
More from Hawaii.

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