Monday, January 4, 2010

The New Year

Happy New Year to all friends and family. We had a great Christmas and now it's back to work - so to speak - fixing up the house and writing.
In three weeks my 85-year-old mother is treating me, my wife and my brother Erik to a cruise to Hawaii!!! We could never afford such a thing on our own. I will be bringing my camera and memory stick, plus they have computers on board for me to give a running account of the trip.

I am looking forward to doing a SKYPE presentation with Stirling Senior Public School in Belleville in February and a presentation at the IDEAS Conference in Kingston the two days following. Greetings to all Red Maple Readers & I hope you enjoy Leaving Fletchville.

The mining story is coming along well. One day I worked ten hours on it and barely noticed the time go by. Although it is a fiction novel the characters are based on real people, like my old friend George (at left, on the right) and my son Adrian. (on the right)

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