Sunday, March 16, 2014

Winter Wonderland

I didn't post this right away after writing it.  Not sure why.  But this is how our land looked this winter after several impressive snowfalls.
I have some other work I will post soon, but tonight I'm warming up to a good book and a fire.

January 3rd.  We had a nice fluffy snowfall last night.  I got the camera to capture a few shots before the warmer air melted all this away again.  The camera is a Fujifilm F550 and a very nice camera, given me by my brother Erik.  It is a great camera and does some amazing things, like panoramas. The blue hued one was done in low light, just as I was going out to warm up the tractor for some snow pushing.  

My iphone also does panorama.  I will compare them and see how they deliver the goods...

The bottom one is the iphone, which has you turn the image to vertical and then pan. The image is taller  and allows for a fatter profile.  When I zoom the images in my computer it is absolutely amazing what kind of detail has been pushed into these little images, all digitally matched and stitched together in a few microseconds inside a camera the size of which, in my past, would barely have been able to contain a simple roll of film and a mechanical shutter and maybe a few lenses...   I get annoyed when digital stuff doesn't digit properly (or at least in such a way as to work reliably and predictably in a way I've gotten used to them working)
The careful observer will notice how carefully I have cleaned (scraped off) my rear drive and entry to the garage.

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