Friday, October 25, 2013


The 2013 edition of Canadian Disasters has just been included, with 12 other books, as one of the "Best Books For Kids and Teens" in the fall 2013 publication.  The list is made up as part of the Canadian Children's Book Centre publication.
 These people...

    As they put it;  Best Books for Kids & Teens is your guide to the best new Canadian books, magazines, audio and video for children and teens. Whether you’re stocking a bookshelf in a classroom, library or at home, every title in this guide has been given the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s stamp of approval.    Expert committees of educators, booksellers, school and public librarians from across Canada have handpicked the materials listed below. Committees look for excellence in writing, illustration or performance. Most importantly, these committees focus on selecting materials that will appeal to children and young adults.

The other books listed were:  
Athlete vs. Mathlete by W.C. Mack
Canadian Disasters: 43 True Stories by René Schmidt
Days that End in Y by Vikki VanSickle
Dear Canada: Pieces of the Past by Carol Matas
Henny Penny (Scholastic Canada Reader) by Werner Zimmermann
Hideout by Gordon Korman
I Am Canada: Storm the Fortress by Maxine Trottier
Little Jack Horner, Live From the Corner by Helaine Becker, illustrated by Mike Boldt
My Friend Henry by Philippe Béha
Summer Days, Starry Nights by Vikki VanSickle
Welcome, Baby by Barbara Reid
Whatever After #2: If the Shoe Fits by Sarah Mlynowski
Whatever After #3: Sink or Swim by Sarah Mlynowski

    I also have a shout out to Marsha Skrypuch of the Author's Booking Service 

for a great day in Mississauga on Wednesday.  A bunch of us went to St. Kevin Separate School to present to a roomful of Teacher / Librarians of the Durham Separate School board, organized by the booking service.  There were a lot of us there, and we were given a mere 90 seconds to wow the various TL's into booking us to come their schools.  They were all witty and spoke well (and clearly) and had interesting things to say.  It was tough competition!   Maybe some bookings will come of it for me.  Maybe not.  
I wore mining gear and said a bit about unknown disasters that happened in Canada we should know about.  At least I think I did.  I only had 90 seconds.  Maybe I forgot to tell the witty remark I had memorized.  Maybe I flubbed it.  I did mention that university enrollment is only 40% male and that there is something wrong with this.  Do I write for boys only?  No.  Do I have the reluctant reader in mind?  Yes.  Girls as well as boys are sometimes reluctant readers, but experience has taught me that boys are far more likely to be in that category.  
Whatever... I will keep on writing...


  1. You did a fantastic 90 seconds, Rene! It was so nice to see you and I love that you came in mining gear!