Saturday, February 23, 2013

The New Book

Scholastic Canada's summer catalogue has the new Canadian Disasters book already listed and has an early version of the cover on display. Here it is.

It will change slightly, I am told, but I like the look of it just the way it is. Already the Chapters/Indigo book database has it listed, but without the cover design. It will not be for sale until June.
I've posted some teasers for the new stories at my website .  Technology is wonderful (when it works and when I can use it).  This book was a lot of fun to work on.  I read a tonne (metric only please) of books for research, especially about the Titanic and the Franklin Expedition. Those stories have more odd theories than O.I.S.E., and it's worth reading the more commonplace ones to stay ahead of the critics.  

I'm about a decade or two behind the times when it comes to recent developments in software and hardware for computers. The time lag seems pretty consistent for me.  Lately I'm trying to buy a flight control joystick and some software for such a function for my iMac. Why such a program?  The need comes from my 'new' manuscript called Dan, Time Boy. I'm hoping some well-known Canadian publishing company whose name rhymes with 'fantastic' publishes it.

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