Sunday, February 19, 2012

Call it more research...

Greetings! I'm back blogging after seven months building a new house. I could call it research, but I'm not sure yet how or when I could write about this project, since we're still in the middle of it. Every day there is something new like hanging doors (and making sure they close in the right direction so I don't have to remove the door, chisel out different places for the hinges and rehang it - don't ask) Suffice to say some day I'll work it into a story line.
Our house is built of ICF (Integrated Concrete Forms) which I've been studying for some time as a great and well-insulated way to build a house. I posted some pictures on the blog when I went to Thompson
in 2010.

Our house sold in May of last year and Shirley and I began this next adventure soon after. Our first job together was wading through the exquisitely slimy muck after the excavation and laying out the corner posts for the footings-guys to follow.
The fact that they moved the entire rectangle a metre or so to the southeast has nothing to do with anything. I'm sure
Since that beginning the work has been steady, with hired tradesmen, friends, and family putting in long hours with us in completing this project.

I barely had 20 minutes a week to answer emails from our dial-up connection in the trailer we lived in on the building site. So the next great teen novel didn't get written, or finished. Or started for that matter.
Here's a couple of photos.
The upper one is this fall, with a view of our 'back forty' and the side of the house.
The next photo is our place back in late August. Airy isn't it?
The foam walls have concrete poured into in them and in this photo the upstairs walls have just been finished.
Maybe next posting I'll show the finished house.

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