Saturday, February 12, 2011

Reviewing Pure Spring by Brian Doyle

Author Brian Doyle has been published since 1978 and has won many awards over the years. Reading Pure Spring, a teen book published in 2007, I can easily see why. This author does it all. He strings along a good story in a fast and readable way. He introduces history and social situations from the 1950's in a 'painless' way for the modern reader. His book reads easily for those who struggle with reading, while maintaining a fascinating plot line for the mature reader. Doyle gives just enough hints of a past accident which takes the life of the main character's parents without giving away too much. Other traumas which shape the boys life and result in his sharing living space with "Granpa Rip" trickle out of the pages steadily. The character Martin is believable, appealing and has admirable moral qualities without this being overdone. One particularly seedy character is well-drawn and his lewd remarks are never written in the easy way which makes a book 'off-limits' for teachers and librarian recommendations. Racism, anti-communist paranoia and antisemitism is also treated in such a way as to respect the reader's ability to discern and judge for him/herself.
Did I say I like his style?
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